How does it work ?

GPS monitoring is an indispensable tool for managers and directors responsible for company car fleets. It is also a support for private car owners (location, additional protection and vehicle control) and construction and agricultural machinery, small and medium-sized enterprises and transport companies.

GPS monitoring is possible thanks to the GPS modules installed in vehicles. These modules receive signals from satellites thus defining the coordinates of the vehicle or machine. The data is then transmitted through the GSM network to servers which, after processing the data, send information to computers or client’s mobile phone.

Vehicle monitoring presents obvious benefits for business, allows for optimization of both the work of fleet managers and drivers or traders. Systems such as GPS ATRAX enables real savings related to the   fuel restrictions, the use of company vehicles for private purposes, efficiency increase (e.g. through automated reports concerning the implementation of work plans or visiting specific locations) or driving behavior improvement as well as safety.

TRONIK as the manufacturer of the system for monitoring vehicles and machines (both hardware and software) has the possibility to modify products and services so as to meet the needs of its Customers.

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