GPS ATRAX is an original system from TRONIK to monitor the operating parameters of vehicles and machinery, working time of drivers and staff activity.

The system is based on satellite location, operational parameters transmitted from the vehicle computer or machine, sensors connected in the facility, as well as the driver communicator and the GSM network for transmitting the data to TRONIK's servers, and then to the client's application.

The system is integrated, among others, with PasCom Flota II, TimoCom, interLAN Speed, Softra Flota Commandor. It can also be integrated with other systems necessary for customers.

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    • GPS ATRAX offers accounting of the fuel actually used by the engine through monitoring information from pump injectors and the CAN bus. The advantage of the system is the possibility of calibration that eliminates errors of the vehicle computer. In addition, monitoring of fuel level (CAN, fuel probes, float) and the protection of the tank through the fuel filler cap control. We select the optimum solution regarding the type of vehicle and individual customer needs.
    • GPS ATRAX also measures additional fuel consumption via Webasto, HDS and other vehicle devices.
    • GPS ATRAX allows you to monitor fuel consumption at idle.
    • With the ability to import cost-estimates (fuel card) it is possible to eliminate false refueling with the use of fleet cards.
    • In the case of fuel level monitoring, finding its sudden loss by the system generates an immediate alert (via SMS or e-mail).
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    Electronic road card

    • This feature eliminates handling and storage of traditional time cards filled out by the driver.
    • All data is recorded and stored in the program (option to export to Excel files, PDF or print), thanks to which finding the necessary information takes just a moment and the driver account is already available the moment they finish the travel.

    It enables:

    • automatic detection of the lack of route continuity between cards,
    • record of kilometers traveled with and without load,
    • record of kilometers traveled in the country and abroad,
    • the status of all activities of the vehicle.

    Load status

    • This function allows to determine the amount, capacity and type of loaded goods.
    • Provides information on the remaining available capacity.
    • Enables parameterizing the capacity of trailers.
    • Has the trailer selection option.

    Orders and communication

    • Communication via GPRS provides continuous contact with the driver and contributes to significant reduction in phone call costs.
    • The transmitted information / orders can contain any descriptions and route determined in the office by the shipper. Orders can also be sent from the PasCom Transport II program.
    • It allows to send to the driver messages, waypoints, routes / corridor and the documents to be printed.


    • It allows to remotely map the route by the shipper in the GPS ATRAX system and to send it to the K2 communicator together with a description of points, for example: contact details, information on loading, etc.
    • Navigation can also be operated independently by the driver. The map has also a trucks operation mode taking into account the tonnage and dimensions of the car.

    Vehicle status

    • This feature enables to personalize the status regarding the nature of a given company or a specific vehicle. All the actions performed by the driver are stored in the system database and displayed on the map.
    • The driver selects the status appropriate to the current situation of the vehicle, e.g: loading, unloading, client, wash, ferry, etc. - which allows the forwarder to efficiently manage a fleet of vehicles.

    Fuel and costs

    • K2 allows to enter information on refueling e.g.: cost of purchase, type of fuel or currency as well as other items related to the operation of the vehicle.
    • Cost type can be chosen from a list or entered manually via the K2 keyboard. The data together with the vehicle location information are transmitted online to the GPS ATRAX system.


    • Thanks to the integration of K2 with the mobile scanner, the driver can scan documents in the vehicle and send them to the headquarters at any time. With this feature the flow of documents in the company is no longer dependent on the time of return of the vehicle to the base. The scanner is optional.
    • It is possible to send documents to the driver.

    Access control / identification

    • K2 can also be used as a tool for authentication when starting the vehicle or as a driver identification tool. Logging to the system is done by means of the user name and password.
    • On vehicles equipped with the digital tachograph GPS ATRAX can read the name and surname of the driver from the tachograph.

    Other communicator features:

    • Ease of use thanks to the friendly interface in Polish and English (adaptable to the language needs of the client). Adjustable volume of voice notifications and screen brightness. Screen saver, so as not to dazzle the driver at night.
    • 5" touch screen for comfortable reading and writing as well as clear colors and good contrast. Adjustable screen brightness.
    • Mobility thanks to detachable base - it is easy to hide the panel or take it with you from the vehicle.
    • Robust mounting provides reliable operation in all driving conditions.K2 is connected permanently with the GPS ATRAX module through RS232.

    System flexibility

    • adjustment of the K2 communicator to the specifics of a particular company or even to individual vehicles. Thanks to the fact that GPS ATRAX is created by a dynamic Polish company instant modifications to the evolving needs of customers are possible.

    Features in preparation:

    • Eco-driving: optimizing the driving style with current prompts based on information collected from the vehicle's computer.
    • Preview of the driver working time from the digital tachograph

    GPS ATRAX allows to monitor the start and end of work each day, as well as to identify individual drivers. In trucks working time data may also come from the digital tachograph. The quick time preview feature allows the GPS ATRAX system user to monitor the current working and stopping time of their vehicles.


    • Preview of the current driver working time from the digital tachograph
    • Preview of logged-in drivers (names and surnames)
    • Remote DDD file downloading (driver card, tachograph)
    • Reports on work time and automatic fraud detection
    • Company card reader

    • Monitoring of fuel distributed
    • Identification of the person collecting fuel on the basis of identification chips
    • Assigning of fuel to a specific vehicle
    • Generating cost estimates on the basis of the above mentioned data and assigning them to individual vehicles and tanks